Chef. Nasim Insari

Chef Nasim Insari


It all started with my mother Wahida Begum (May God bless her).  I started helping her in the kitchen at an early age. Back in those days it was not common for Pakistani men to participate in the kitchen activities. But I did it anyway.

 I found a great sense of satisfaction in cooking. My curious personality helped me learn beyond what my mother
had to teach me. In addition to learning about Pakistani tradition cooking, I started experimenting and creating my own exotic blends and scrumptious dishes.
After finishing my education in Pakistan, I moved to Switzerland where I had the opportunity to study hotel and restaurant management.
I have managed restaurants in London, Virginia and Washington DC, where I was exposed to various international foods and tastes. What a great experience that was.
At the age of 25 I moved to the United States for higher education and graduated with honors from George Washington University, finishing my MBA with a major in hospitality.
I have worked in management at major hotel chains such as Marriott and Holiday Inn in the United States.
I love cooking and absolutely loved my career.

 However, later on I decided to change my career and went into Information Technology. And now I am back to my roots, doing what I love. Cooking!

History of my food

India and Pakistan share similar rich culture and glorious history in cooking. Mughal Emperors in the 1600-1700 brought about a revolution in the way the people of Sub-continent (now comprising Pakistan and India) used to cook their food.

Lip smacking foods like seekh kebab, chicken or lamb masala dishes and mouthwatering appetizers, etc, have their roots in the cooking methodology liked by these emperors whose recipes are passed down from generation to generation. Persians have contributed huge influence on Indian and Pakistani cooking as well.

You are about to learn the most popular royal cooking from the Mughal Empire times.
I am from Lahore. Lahore was the center of Mughal Empire. Lahori cuisine refers to the food and cuisine of the city of Lahore in Punjab, Pakistan. Lahore is a city with an extremely rich food culture. People from Lahore are famous all over the country for their love for food. The city offers a vast variety of options when it comes to gastronomy.

And now you will get to experience the great taste of my city and country.





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